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Can anyone identify this shrub. Been bugging me for about 2 years. Large, parsley like leaves, deciduous. Forsythia like stems but much darker. Never seen it flower. Client likes it cut into a ball shape. Without identifying it, I don't know when to prune/shape. Would also like to know the flower colour, flowering period etc. Thanks.

For some reason it has loaded the pictures sideways....


How large is large for the leaf DGM? The shape is much as my syringa x laciniata but I wouldn't call the leaves large. Though who know how big they'd get if they had better soil. 

The pics don't enlarge and I can't see the bush very well.



Sorry the leaves aren't large. The shrub is! And I think you've nailed it! A quick google image search confirmed it. Thank you.

Thanks again. So this Syringa had been "balled up" for years. I hate doing it!!! Does it follow similar pruning to other Syringa's? 



Never had the humming birds yet Dove. Didn't even get the humming bird hawkmoth last year. 

I've never pruned mine DGM except to cut off the odd branch stuck out at a funny angle. Seems an unlikely candidate for topiary


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