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Can anyone identify this bush currently flowering please, I have not seen this before.


many thanks,


Fred Mason



Ceanothus I think Fred.

Many thanks to jude 5 and sotongeoff. I looked this up on the Internet and its a member of the Bskthorn family, but it is apparently restricted to Noth America? have you any further knowledge on this please?




Ceanothus - different varieties.  beautiful blue flowers.  They dont like being moved in my experience and take a few years to flower again (but that could just have been the one I had as it was moved three times (when I moved house I took it with me)



THanks Angie, the flowers are beautiful not something I have seen before - it is on the left hand side of Hadrians Way in Wallsend (I  joined a group of walkers who were walking from Bowness to Wallsend along Hadrians walk (they were not in a good shape - I stated from the newcastle quayside, so I was OK.)   Thanks for your comment - - FRED


There are a number of ceanothus cultivars which flourish in England, as well as in N. America, but I have found that some are not reliably hardy, so this one deserves a medal for growing in the wild on Hadrian's Wall!

Thanks smallswan, I think I saw another one near the roman fort segundum




Definitely Ceanothus.


Surprisingly short lived shrubs. 8-10 years in some places.


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