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 Can someone identify this please?


It is an Aquilegia Whippet - it looks a very pretty colour - lucky you

Pam x

Is it? I've never seen one like that before. My daughter returned from holiday and found it in flower. We thought the leaves looked like an Aquilegia but there were no flowers last year at all and this is unusual so we wondered what had moved in   Thankyou Pam

Amazing. I'll ask Jess to save the seeds.



That's a great link Lilylouise, I have been able to identify that I have the Dorothy Rose from it - I have the pinks and purples in abundance but a couple of weeks ago I spotted this beautiful unusual pink one round the side of the garden and I have no idea where I got it from - I am not complaining - it is beautiful.  I will also look out for that one of yours whippet - the colours are lovely and fresh - in fact it's a bit like  honeysuckle colours isn't it.  Normally I worry about going on holiday because I don't know how the garden will fare but it's lovely to come back and there is a pleasant surprise waiting

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