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Earlier this year I noticed a  plant coming up in a bed where I had planted Wallflower seeds. Not recognising it,  I left it in, to see what would happen..

It grew quite slowly, then in late September started to get buds - it is now in flower, but I do not have a clue what the plant is.  Can anyone help please?





yes indeed. Mirabilis jalapa, 4 o'clock flower, Marvel of Peru.

Usually grown as an annual it is perennial but not too hardy. Very easy from seed 


Thanks Nutcutlet - you are clever, I had never even heard of the plant. I assume it was a rogue seed in my packet of Wallflowers.

Will look up some info now and see what I am supposed to do with it over winter. Perhaps I should dig it up, put it in a container and keep frost free ?


you could do that, I find it easier to save seed. 


Did not think of the seed option, as I have never been very sucessful with plants from my own seed collections. Perhaps, I  do not keep them properly. 

If this plant does pass away over the winter, I would certainly look to buy seeds next year.



Mine are still making seed. They germinate very reliably from a spring sowing. The seeds are black when they're ripe.

But, if you get another packet you can have mixed colours including striped ones

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