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Hi all. Im struggling to find out what this plant is. Any takers? 

 Its 3-4ft tall with more blooms about to open. Cheers



I think it is Gladiolus Muriale, it is also known as Acidanthe Muriale.


I agree. When I grew them they were called Acidanthera but I knew they were related to gladdys. I think they're gorgeous and have a very distinctive scent but they only lasted a couple of years for me..


They only last for a couple of years for me too . I had them in pots for the first year and then transplanted them to the garden, after that they disappeared, I think the severe winter we had 2 years ago finished them off, should have lifted them and stored.. Very pretty though.


Acidanthera or Peacock Orchids. Got them in my garden


Oh thank you, thank you, thank you all. Ive searched everywhere and couldnt find it anywhere. Is it best to lift it in the late autumn or should i leave in situ?

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