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Hi - I have a vigorous plant with dark green shiny sword shaped leaves which appeared last summer & are back again this year. So far that's all I've had, no sight of flowers or stalks. Can anyone advise what this might be please? I have a feeling that I might have planted something but can't remember...senile moments!  



We need photos Jennie 3


Just a random guess, crocosmia in a spot too shady to flower in? But we really do need pics if possible.

Hello, I'm afraid I can't help Jennie3, but wondering if you experts might be able to offer me some help! I've seen this plant around in my home town and I like it a lot, but not quite sure what it is, any ideas?! Thanks



Knapweed. Centaurea is it's posh name Rachel 



Jennie- could it be an Iris? Was about to say Phormium but it's evergreen and you said it came back this year so assume it's deciduous? Get a pic on and someone will be able to help 

Many thanks to everyone. After the rain & sunshine in a day, 2 flower heads have shown up - they are indeed irises! 


Result! Enjoy them- the Prince of Plants I always think!

What colour are they Jennie?

Thanks Fairygirl - now I can work on adding some to my garden

Their are certain plant groups that I drool over and Iris is one of them  , I would suggest every 3 years to split them .

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