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I am unable to identify this tree. The white flower emerges from  the end of a pink bud in Sugust. The tree is about 20 feet in height and has heart shaped leaves. Help!!

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Clerodendrum trichotomum.

Congratulations. I'm not surprized you didn't know what this was. It is a very rare tree in UK, native to mountainous regions of SE Asia. I think the reason why many plants from that area are little known is that they are generally considered not to be hardy. Yours is the living proof that is not always the case. It is not very large so make sure it does not get shaded out as it will need plenty of sun to produce the spectacular flowers. Good luck. Ian

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Several parks and gardens in Nottingham city have (or used to have) this growing as an ornamental .

The blue berries are so appealing !



Not that rare. They grow in gardens all over, including mine.. Easy from seed.

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Not rare .

There was the most amazing glorious scent from something in this garden in Wiltshire.

Eventually we traced it to this tree...a  mature big tree

So we bought one, which grew very well....but  sadly I never ever got the scent from the flowers.


I rarely get the scent of flowers but the leaves never fail. 

We have 3 in our garden, the largest one is shaped like an unberella, it's over 20 years now and the other 2 are in pots because I don't have space in the ground. It spreads it's runners everywhere that's why I've had so many in the past and have given a few away. The flowers perfume the whole garden but the leaves smell terrible. The turquoise berries are lovely later in the year 

Thank you all so much. This is my first posting to gardeners forum and I couldn't have hoped for more advice and information!

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