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This is my first post.

Has anyone seen a Foxglove like this before?

It is a second year self-set plant in my garden.




 Hi Eva, welcome

I've seen some odd ones but nothing like that. I wonder if all those buds will open the same

You are lucky eva, that's lovely.


Wow that's great, hope you can get some seeds to try 

Wow how lovely, as a child my aunt Edna used to tell me the spotted marks inside the flowers where the marks left by the bees after wiping three feet !!!!!


star gaze lily

Hello Eva, pleased to meet you.

Thats really pretty, lucky you 

Sorry I meant their feet!!!! 


It looks like a case of fasciation to me

Thomas Wilkinson2

ahh what a lovely surprise! you'll have to name it after yourself Eva haha would be excellent if the seeds from it grew the same!

Thank you all for your comments.

Fleurisa, I had never heard of 'fasciation' so looked it up on Google and Google images and there are some amazing blooms. It is certainly worth viewing.

I am pleased that I asked the question.

I would take some seeds but perhaps they would not reproduce a similar flower?


Pottie Pam

I agree with Fleursa.

I googled it and apparently it rarely comes true from seed but can be reproduced from cuttings. I don't think that would work with foxgloves.

Lovely unusual thing.


So unusual.  Let us know if the rest of the flower buds open the same.


Hello Eva  That is so lovely.  

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