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I bought anemone wild swan last summer.  It flowered well until  autumn.  It's been flowering this year from spring looking wonderful.  I cut it back ......just old stems....and it's now flowering again with plenty of buds.  So, looks good plant.

Digitalis illumination pink was bought last autumn and overwintered in the GH, potting on few times until,planted out as large plants this spring.  Flowering was excellent and attractive.  Cut it back month or so ago and new flowers emerging.  The real test will be over winter to see if they truly are perennial.  So far I am very pleased with them


Hi Verdun, I've not got the anemone but did have the Foxglove Illumination Pink, it didn't survive the winter here (north west coast of England).  I noticed that T&M now have it listed as a half hardy perennial after quite a few complaints via Facebook and QVC. Hope it lasts for you, lovely looking plant.

thanks paula.  sold as a hardy plant but now not hardy!  it should survive here but I will dig up one clump to overwinter.  will look to see if basal cuttings can be taken


There is an Anemone rivularis which is the exact image of A.Wild Swan, but a lot easier to grow and a lot lot less invasive than any of the Anemone japonica types.

White with a blue reverse and palmate leaves.

Berghill, it's prob same plant.  Lovely thing.  The blue back in the wind sets off white faces perfectly



Well the A. rivularis has been around for a very long time. Odd one in that it sets good seed which if sown fresh, germinates almost straight away. BUT getting from that to  planting out size is difficult, not managed it yet.

Stacey Docherty

Verdun that wild swan is a beauty after you recommended it to me I took a look it is a definite for my woods in the spring


Has anyone seen seed heads on the White Swan anemone? If so can you describe them? A. japonica has woolly seed heads.

Don't think wild swan does seed.....propagated by cuttings

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