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Just been potting up some Sempervivum calcareum,Aeonium arboreum and Faucana tuberculosa in to single terracotta pots my question is i was using 10 parts john innes No3 and 2 parts horticulrural grit is this a ok mix? as i just watered them and the water was taking about 3-4 mins to drain in to the soil should i take out and add more grit or leave it?


cheers guys 


I use ordinary multi purpose compost and grit in equal measures kev. Think the JI will hold more water anyway so I'd suggest adding grit would be better. The freer the drainage the more ideal it is for these plants. 


Personally speaking I'd use 50% JI and 50% grit for those.  

I'm sure you know they'll need little or no water in the winter.

Fairygirl Exactly what i thought cheers. . JI is what the people at St Michaels mount gardens said use. i just forgot to ask what mix. 

Dovefromabove cheers redoing them now cant believe im an idiot oh well. 



If you need a free draining compost you cant get better than Erin Excel.

I grow couple of aeoniums in terracotta pots.  My mix is similar to that dove has suggested except I use perlite imstead of grit.  However, aeoniums do grow tall, even tho I cut them back in spring (for cuttimgs)  so I think grit is prob better.  It is heavier so better stability.  I,have grown aeoniums swarkskopf outside for few years and they can get pretty big.



 Verdun, aeoniums can get pretty big in Norfolk 

These are not growing on a bank or in a raised bed. 


Lovely Dove.  They are always a plant that makes me think of East Ruston!

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