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I have posted on the veg threads and will be trying carrots in some of my old compost. However has anyone sown perennial seeds in used compost, does it work!? I'm wanting to sow my gazania kiss series seeds soon (not sure when and how yet). This will be the first year I have sown my own seed and some bought seed. I have: Marigold Gazania Salvia Coreopsis Dahlia Liatris Verbena Echinacea Lobelia queen Victoria Scabiosa Beaujolais bonnets. Any handy hints tips And timings on these would be much appreciated.
I always use fresh new seed compost for seeds, but as someone pointed out, they set seed and grow in the garden, so maybe you can use it.
I always put any soil on the veg patch and the roots in the compost.
If you have bought new seeds, just follow the instructions on the back of the packets.
What seed compost do you use. Are the cheaper brands ok or go with John innes? The gazania came from ebay so no details are in English on the pack, the rest are taken from my garden incase I lost my newly planted perennials. Insurance policy if you will, even if I don't know when or how to sow them!

Some of my cuttings have come through, but some are looking rather de shrivelled!

Normally I put in on the soil as a soil improver, but it's worth a try. Seed compost doesn't have a lot of nutrients so as old compost will be depleted in them it could work in theory. I'll definitely try it for the carrots



Hi Greenbucket,

I have some gazania kiss seeds, the packet says;

Sow: Feb-April on the surface of lightly firmed moist seed compost (cover with a fine sprinkling of vermiculite, place in a propogator or warm place and keep at between 20-25c (do not exclude light) germinates in 2-4 weeks 

Hope thats helpfull..


Brilliant discodave thanks. Another project to get going with. May have to be in my conservatory however its unheated, hope this will work!

Keep them moist aswell


I always think it is best to start with fresh compost -you then know what germinates is what you have sown- and not rogue seedlings

Spread spent compost on the beds-buy fresh for growing- it is worth it.

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