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Daniel Haynes

It's Valentine's Day, and florists everywhere are run off their feet.

Whether you're sending or receiving floral bouquets this year, let us know which flower best expresses matters of the heart. Would you choose the classic red rose, or something more unorthodox?

Tell us how you 'say it with flowers'.


Emma Crawforth

I think Chimonanthus (wintersweet) flowers are one of the most romantic gifts. In the middle of winter when there is so little flowering outside, to receive a few stems, with scent that fills the room, is really something.


My husband has bought me 3 bags of multi purpose compost. Now don't laugh, but its what I wanted, so I will get lots and lots of flowers from that. It doesn't have to be Valentines Day for him to get me flowers, he is always buying me flowers which is always lovely. 

Daniel Haynes

The perfect Valentine's gift, donutmrs!



Red roses will do for me!


The true St. Valentine's flower is the crocus.  

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