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Was I the only person who saw the vandalism in Sheffield, where the contractors were chopping down mature trees along the streets.  Did nobody try to stop them?  Did the councillors of those areas condone the work?

It was claimed the trees were diseased, but that seemed to be untrue.  They looked particularly healthy.  Councillors represent you.  Did you approve of their doing this?


I haven't seen the tree felling in Sheffield, but I do remember an article in the news a few years back where an avenue of Horse chestnut were felled to stop children throwing sticks to collect conkers . Health n Safety gone mad.

I'd guess the Sheffield massacre would be one for Nick Clegg.  Isn't he still the MP there ?

Horse Chestnuts - I heard recently that these trees were suffering from a disease - can't remember the specifics but it would seem that local authorities are now either felling ( or considering felling ) these weakened trees in public spaces as they may constitute a danger from falling branches and replacing with other species. At least they now have another reason other than falling conkers hitting people on the head.

The OP doesn't say what species of tree in the case of Sheffield.


I don't think it had anything to do with disease.  I got the impression no trees are cheaper to manage than growing trees.  It had been recommended by the management consultants as part of their money saving regime.


I heard the same thing about conker trees. Those which are diseased drop their leaves mid summer. 

The local council here wanted to cut down an avenue of trees in town centre, due to cut backs they couldn't afford to prune them, after lots of complaints the trees are now staying.

We haven't had weeds sprayed this year to save money but the council have realised this is a false economy, the weeds not only look unsightly but the roots eventually will push up the flags and cobbles.


Lots of big mature trees being felled here in Sheffield, it's causing a lot of upset amongst residents. My road is lined with lovely mature cherry trees that look amazing in spring, but the council l have removed lots of them due to their claim that the roots are damaging pavements. 

Hazel -1

What a shame for  Sheffield Our local  town has been regenerated over the past few years  and wonderfully, the builders/ owners/ councillors have planted up many, many trees to line  the pedestrian areas and  also around the library area and seating areas. It looks beautiful and footfall has massively increased.

What a pity that in Sheffield, the trees are being taken down.

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Shrinking Violet

I seem to recall that the horse chestnuts are not suffering from disease, as such (although there is some evidence of a weeping canker, or something like that, in some trees) but that the leaves are infested with leaf miners - the larvae of a particular moth.  This causes the leaves to turn brown and autumnal-looking early, and the leaves drop prematurely.

This, in itself, does not apparently harm the trees, although there may be as yet undiscovered consequences.  But stopping the spread of the moth is difficult, and it may be that "disease" is used as a shorthand for getting rid of some lovely mature specimens.

As for the wholesale destruction of trees whilst claiming to act on behalf of the population at large seems somewhat perverse.  Nick Clegg is, as Philippa suggests, MP for Sheffield Hallam.  (I think he has a little more spare time these days, so may be willing to help )


Once a mature tree is removed, it has gone.  This is council policy.  No trees, no leaves, no leaf clearing.  No blocked drains. Result!

Stuff the residents; they only pay their council tax. Why should they have a say?


I would not normally defend Sheffield Council, but AMEY who are doing the work for them, are at least planting a replacement for every tree they remove.

They have also removed some Ash trees along the border of my property, due to die back and have not charged me.

I do agree that some of the large trees removed were beautiful and should have stayed, although several seemingly healthy trees were independently verified as being diseased.

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