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I am new to gardening and planted a new large mixed perennial border recently. I timed it badly just before the hard frost we had in late March (lesson learnt for next year). However, all the plants now seem to be starting to push up shoots/grow except for the Verbena Bonariensis and the Russian Sage. Are these late starters, or could the frost have got to them?


No, most of the plants were in 2 litre pots, including the verbenas and russian sage. The verbenas have some green leaves but look exactly the same as when they arrived, and the russian sage just looks dead.


Hello dan
The Russian sage. Perovskia? Blue flowers? It is slow in showing. Don't worry about it but is your ground very heavy?
The it the tall bonariensis? This can be tender but if it still has green leaves it sounds fine to me
It's such a late season though this year....many plants are. much later than last year.
Patience...just little while longer



Yes, it is the perovskia and tall verbena. The perovskia just has twiggy branches with no signs of green. The soil is a sandy loam. I was worried as everything else seems to be getting going now, the globemaster alliums have tripled in size already!

Steve the Gardening Vet

My perovskia is sitting there as brown sticks while all around is sprouting, it has survived far worse winters and is as tough as old boots so I'd be surprised if yours doesn't show some growth soon.

Perovskia will come, prob verbena too

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