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sara haywood

Afternoon! A friend of mine has several verbena plants close to the edge of her flower boarder and would like to move them further back, does anyone know if it is possible to move them without damaging them and when would be best to do so?


many thanks Sara 


they can be moved, most plants can. They're not all that hardy though. If they've been there for some time and have survived winters so far I'd move them in the spring. If they're new I might pot them up and protect them over winter to be safe. They won't need a heated greenhouse, just a bit of protection, cold frame or right up against the house. 

I always have some come through the winter but the last couple of years thinned them out a lot

sara haywood

Thanks Nut, so maybe the best option for her is to protect them over winter where they are (quite sheltered) and try moving them in early spring.


they'll probably be Ok, the only thing to avoid for sure is moving them in the garden at this end of the year


They should also have plenty of seeds on at the moment, which will germinate very easily. I find it's easier almost to treat them as annuals, and germinate fresh stock each year.

I always dig up my flowered plants and chuck them out.  But, that's because I have plenty of seedlings that have grown.  Seedlings about 3 to 9" high can be carefully potted up.  I pInch them back and leave them outside but in cold areas you can take them inside a GH.  

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