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How have your new plants performed this year?   The good and the bad?

Buddleia Ivory Buzz has been superb for me ...well pleased with it .  Recommend this one


Beaus Mum

Hmmmm think mine was a new rose that I got end of last year? Does this count Verdun? It's a beauty and think calle elena or similar 

The most bad was three violas that done nowt! Not a flower in sight! 


A smallish climbing rose called Ali Baba. Wonderful perfume, rainproof apricot floribunda flowers for months on end, no mildew (even in all this rain), no blackspot, flowers die gracefully and not in a mush.  Absolutely marvellous.


Loved rose the Fairy.  

Not keen on thalictrum elin - which grew to the promised 8 ft then flopped - no colour to speak of either


I've been very pleased with my foxgloves,even though they won't flower until next year. The Cosmos went berserk,loads of blooms and growing my own toms for the first time 

The Sunflowers which were a damp squib as ever they are when I try to grow them. I think I'll just give them a miss from now on. The Larkspur - looked great on the seed packet but a slug magnet and can't help thinking of them as a poor man's delphinium. I think maybe I was expecting too much... 



Sunflowers are very greedy hungry plants fishy, I grew them this year along the runner bean trench, it was filled with compost, muck and chicken pellets,  the sunflowers are absolutely fab, about 10ft +tall and loaded with flowers. 

I cant think of any one plant for this year, I am just thrilled when anything grows well for me.

star gaze lily

Loved my agapanthus this year and also my white carnations called Memories, they look and smell beautiful. 


I've been really pleased with Anchusa Lodden Royalist beautiful shade of blue.


Dahlia HS Wink series have been retina searing bright, need sunglasses to look at them.

A rather nice purple perennial Lobelia, grown from seed, name unknown.

Scabious Chile black, suspect it wont last the winter though, so will need to sow more seeds next year.

Anchusa is lovely KEF but I rarely manage to keep it for more than a year or two.

My white iris sibirica, bought from a certain discount store for £1 last year, were stunning in the spring/early summer. Snakeshead fritillaries growing in my front lawn in were lovely in March. But I think my overall favourite is a pale yellow aquilegia - think it might be Goldfinch, but not sure as grown from a packet of mixed seeds. Was still flowering in July! really big, pretty, buttery yellow flowers. Often the surprises delight me the most.


Verdun is that due to weather or is it short lived? I've taken some basal cuttings but they aren't looking too good, so I wonder if I should dig it up, split it      and over winter in GH.


I'm really pleased with phlox paniculata called "Laura" gave me hours of pleasure looking out at them from the kitchen sink.  

Also chuffed with the Lychnis coronaria 'Alba'. (I think I may need to collect the seeds?) not only did it look gorgeous, but am thrilled to say there is a brand new one growing next to it.

Victoria Sponge

Mine has to be Lythrum Blush which I bought as a 9cm pot in April. It's been flowering for two months now and I think will be a nice big plant next year. 

Worst has got to be Anthemis EC Buxton, planted in Oct which flowered and promptly died. I wonder if the surrounding yarrows requisitioned its water supply.

Secret Squirrel

I was really pleased with my ornamental sage, I got it for a pound off the Homebase 'Death Row' shelf. Just needed a bit of TLC and WHOOSH! it went. Also grew swan river daises this year for the first time and was really pleased with their continuous flowering. They are ready for the compost now.

Failure: Red lobelia, very spindly, much prefer Crystal Palace. Mini sunflowers came and went far to quickly, I wont bother next year.


KEF, I think it's short lived.  To keep it flowering and encourage its "perennialism" (?) Anchusa should be dead headed religiously.  A few years ago I did just that  and managed to keep it for 2 years or so.  Not sure I would dig it up now unless it's recently planted.  Anchusa can flower itself to death I think so as soon as flowers look as though they're fading nip them out.  

It was a weird year for Hydrangia's in my area?

They never had as much flowers as this year, they looked stunning, then they like dried out very fast because of no rain, and didn't look so appealing anymore. + They also had some sort of white bugs (loads!) on them that kinda did some destruction to them to.. sad.


But the Verbena did awesome again (like every year)
and my dahlia did better then last year   but then the other kind didn't pop up at all


Does it count if it's a veg? We had some Broccoli rescued from homebase for 50p we thought all were eaten and past repair, but suddenly out of nowhere we've got a great ruddy huge broccoli risen from the ashes!

all my legumes failed. Broad beans barely flowered, withered and died. Runner beans were munched to death by the large and hungry mollusc population who managed to breach all my anti-mollusc defences. Sweet peas (Cupani) were doing really well, started to flower and then succumbed to mildew.

Dinner plate dahlias have been stunning, potentilla flowers have been nice and so pleased to now have hostas.  Not very impressed with my coreopsis, although it did flower eventually.  It was too outgrown and messy for me although having started off as preferring very strict and manicured beds, I can now see the beauty in the cottage type flowers ... I think there will be another chunk of lawn being lost to flowers next year to make way.  I've fallen in love with agapanthus and cosmos too.