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When we moved into our new house there was a huge buddleia (we're talking over 8ft tall). Can I trim it right back without killing it? It blocks all the light at the moment and would love it to be reduced to a small shrub!

You can cut it back to a few feet now, and then hard down to a foot in March. It will then probably grow to 8 ft again next summer, and flower in August.

 If thats too big, take it out and plant either a buddleja Buzz, which is dwarf, or something else altogether.

Oh I'm happy with just a few feet - and love the butterflies it attracts - so I don't want to remove it just want to tame it!

I chop them right down to knee height every spring.  

I'd wait until Spring to chop it.



I usually cut them back roughly in November, to avoid wind-rock loosening the roots in the winter, then cut them right back as I said, to knee height in the spring - pruning to an outward facing bud and taking out very thin or crossing branches right out.

I prune exactly as the Dove does.  However, you can rarely kill a buddleia by pruning no matter how hard


The groundsmen at work can - but they're the exception that proves every rule 

I have a tree and two shrubs both 15ft. All three fifteen feet. Can I prune the - live in the N E of Scotland?

flowering rose

I have just pruned mine today,I prune quite hard ,some people leave it later but I do it now so the seeds dont seed everywhere too much.


I have tried pruning a buddlea that was growing out of a stone wall in an old garden.  I used to repeatedly cut it right back to the wall and it wouldn't die off!


Best to only cut half the height now and cut hard back when they start to shoot from the base in spring

I've cut mine back to almost ground level a number of times and it comes right back every year.

I know its probably a bad thing and should be on the confessions thread, but I cut my Buddleja back whenever I fell like it, for instance, this year it was pruned in May, August and next week. Its absolutely fine, had an abundance of flowers and it's exceedingly vigorous


How fortunate was I to find this thread about pruning Buddeia! Our neighbour has a few very tall Buddeia in her garden, they are  way to tall for the size of garden and I want to trim/prune them for her. As the time is right, I will be able to start soon!! 

Many Thanks for your help

Apologies for hijacking this thread but I have a buddleia question. I took some cuttings from a buddleia back in july and they are very happy in their pots, quite a lot of nice new growth. I'm planting up a flowerbed and was wondering whether it'd be OK to plant them out now or is that just reckless?

Beware!! Buddleia Buzz isn't what I call dwarf. Mine are 2 yrs old and over 4ft tall.  Dwarf for buddleia yes but don't think patio plants as I did!!


Another vote for YES DEFINITELY.

I had one about 15 feet high that got bent and nearly flattened under a 4 foot snow drift.

We tried to wrestle it upright and tethered it to another tree in the attempt and then last year I chopped it right back. It's now just about half the size it was.

I have left my plant until now (spring 2016) to prune, but there are no shoots at the bottom where I want to cut it back to. Will it survive?