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Victoria Sponge

Hi All,

I'm out of bonemeal and want to move some plants while it's raining.

Can I use FBB or growmore instead to put in the planting hole? Does it matter which? I haven't got the box anymore for the FBB, to read it.

It's for hebes and various perennials.




FB&B - that's what I use, a small handful, sprinkled in the bottom of the hole and stirred around and sprinkled on the soil/compost to fill the hole.  


FB and B is what I always use Victoria - just as Dove describes above 



I believe preparing the ground you're going to plant in well is always worth while. I spend a lot of time giving a plant the best start I can - putting it in a good location, keeping it weed free, pruning appropriately and therefore giving it the chance to grow well.

And after all that, if it doesn't can go to the great compost bin in the sky 

Victoria Sponge

Cheers all, thanks for your input. I've moved and planted everything using the FBB.

Moved this stuff out my congested 'backwards border':

 Veronicas, Liatris, and Lychnis viscaria and put with some sedums in the front garden.

And started making a stepping stone (smashed up slabs) walkway at the back of my backwards border so 1, I can water the fence baskets and 2, the plants will no longer be back to front height wise:

 Foof! A brew is in order

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