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Please can you help? I need to know if the 'vibel " French beans I have are dwarf or climbing variety? I haven't been able to find anything out about the variety. Thanks

I have been looking on interweb- probably the same as you-about this and also drawn a blank.

Where did you get them from?



I'm wondering about some that I've grown. They are T&M climbing bean 'Fasoid' but they don't seem to be climbing at all, and are producing flowers and beans so close to the ground that the slugs will be eating them! Even the top shoots don't seem to want to curl round the canes. Very odd.

Did you grow yours from seed?


I am also trying to grow Fasold, they are only 2 feet high and I already have flowers, they are not climbing by themselves, I have to tie them in

Hi everyone! I am new to this site and I am glad to see I am not on my own! I got these beans from a local nursery/ poly tunnel grower with just a name written on them, thinking I could go and find out about them but sadly nothing anywhere. These beans are doing the same as the ones diggindoris describes and have purple flowers? Will just carry on and see how I get on, don't think I will be buying them again! Thanks again



2 years ago I had some fabulous french climbers. Don't know what variety as they were the free ones from the 'Dig In' promotion from the BBC. They climbed right up an arch and over the top . I was picking beans every day . These Fasoid have pretty lavender flowers and curly beans. I can't see a straight one on there at all. But I've never had to teach a bean to climb before! I keep curling the shoot round the cane and tying it, hoping it stays put!


@diggingdoris the 'Dig in' ones I had were Blue Lake.


Oh yes I remember that now. It's the old brain cells. Not what they were. Yes I wish I could get some more of those for next year. They were fabulous.

By the way kate, you really started something with your fork handles! Are you going for the record of the most messages and readers?


@diggingdoris I saved some Blue Lake from last year and I have sown them as the Fasold were so disappointing. I do not have any left but I could save some for you for next year.

You are welcome to pop in anytime to Fork Handles and share your trials and trivialities .

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