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We have a Viburnum Bodnantense in our front garden that has come into flower. It had a few flowers over last winter, but nothing to shout about..

It has grown by about 2ft this year, looks really healthy, new branches, and has quite a few flowers.

I am interested to see if anyone has other plants that are flowering out of their season.


Funny you should say that. I noticed a couple of flowers on my VB yesterday and thought at first I must be seeing things. It had an extremely severe pruning early in the year when I had some fencing installed and had put on a lot of new growth.


And Charles Lamont and Deben flowering too.


We've got hellebores in flower too, plus some lilac - poor plants don't know what time of year it is!


I have Charles Lamont and though it isn't flowering now it flowered all through the winter months and was still flowering in late spring. Never mind the plants, I don't know what time of year it is! Last week in sandals and linen trousers, this week shoes, socks and jeans 


I had a look at some of my hellebores and yes there are some in flower, just hope that these plants come into flower when they are supposed to i.e. winter/spring. With temperatures going up and down like a yo-yo. I suppose they aren't sure what season we are in. As for summer clothes, mine have hardly been worn, just trousers, tops and cardies. As the song says Things can only get better, we hope

Thanks for all you responses.

I was surprised to notice a few buds on my Viburnum yesterday too!

I have a flower on  my Magnolia Leonard Messel

Pam x

lilylouise wrote (see)

I have a flower on  my Magnolia Leonard Messel

Pam x

Now that's weird. Flowers on a Magnolia in August. You couldn't stretch even late spring to August

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