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gloucester cat


I fell to a temptation today - I bought 4 grape vine plants in pots. I guess I always wanted them and well... here they are. My question is when should I plant them? Can I keep them in pots through the winter ? Shall I plant now - Ive got right southern sunny spot ready. I cant tell the exact age of the plants but they have at least foot high stump with proper bark, and quite tasty fruits - ate most of them on my way back home

I would welcome all advice. Thank you. 

Alina W

Plant them now - if you leave them in pots you will only have to water them and protect against frost.

I've got a vine that I have had in my conservatory and want to plant out but it is several feet long. Do I need to cut in back before I plant it out or is it best to leave it long?

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