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Jean Genie

I've just found a packet of viola seeds and just wanted to know if I could sow them now . I grew some earlier for spring and cut them back but think the elements have seen them off ! They were in little pots and looked really cute and I'ld like the same effect for autumn but I've never sown seed in July ! Help please , thanks , Jean.

Alina W

They can definitely be sown in late summer, so August/September. If you keep them damp, I think that you have a good chance of getting them to germinate successfully, but I don't know how long it'll be before they flower.

Yes, I sowed some in June but the packet say's they can be sown in July, this being the last month to sow not sure when they'll flower though the packet say's May to October! Not grown them from seed before, sorry I can't be more helpful.  


Last years have just self seeded so I would say it is a great time to sow them, they will need some TLC if we have the promised heatwave.

Jean Genie

Thanks everyone I'm going to give it a go . We have 23 dgrs here in Lancs today so may postpone till a little cooler -  What a great day !

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