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20/06/2012 at 21:51

Tried to post this yesterday. This plant comes up every year in my front garden in Grays Essex. It smells of rotton meat and attracts nothing but flies for about a day before the smell subsides. I've looked online and it looks like Dracunculus Vulgaris or the Voodo / dragon lilly.

Can anyone tell me a bit more about it and what I should be doing to care for it as its survival in my garden seems more down to luck than anything else.

How can grow more plants?

18/11/2013 at 22:41

Was looking for info on whether to leave my lillies in the ground over winter and came across this thread.  My son has one in his garden growing in deep shade because the horse chestnut tree it was under has taken off and its branches are now enormous.  But when I looked for details on how to grow a dragon lilly, it appears it should be in full sun.  I dug it up by mistake last spring and two corms fell off it but didn't know how deep to plant them and I had no way of getting information at that time so planted them quite shallow but although the main corm flowered the other two just showed small shoots and then died away.  Haven't dug them up to see how they are doing but would like to know how, when and where to move them to.

18/11/2013 at 23:01

It is Dracunculus vulgaris, boggwoppit. If you use that name there's no doubt which plant you're talking about. Voodoo lily describes at least 3 plants. Mine looks after itself but the one I have on poor soil that dries out in summer doesn't do so well. The best are in some shade. You can dig up some tubers and spread them around to propagate it. If it comes to seed you can sow them but mine has never made seed. Wonderful to look at but stay up-wind.


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