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I've just receivved 4/5inch plug plants, and have potted them on into individual pots. Some of them have tiny buds at the top, is it best to pinch them out to make the plants bushier?

Hello Mavis,  yes I do pinch out my wallflowers.  Experimented once to see if it improved perfochance.  Stockier,bushier more,floriferous plants when pinched.  Do,it now.

hollie hock

Defintaley pinch the tops out, the more you do the bushier they become

Thanks for the advice - I am off to get pinching! future look out for bare root plants.  They are much bigger and,cheaper. 



I used to work for a nursery man who sold Wallflower plants by the thousand. He used to run the lawn mower, set high. over the baby plants, to take out the tips. Then when they got bigger he dug them up and sold them bare rooted.

I have some wallflowers just germinated in the past couple of weeks. Are these ok in an unheated greenhouse over winter or should I have waited and planted them in spring - thought I 'd give it a go having collected so much seed this year. Wallflower Most Scented I think.

hollie hock

Think they would be fine in an unheated greenhouse, I have mine in a cold frame but as soon as they get big enough will be hardening them off

Well,,wallflowers are,tough and hardy winter growing plants but your seedlings do need protecting over winter.  Late really for seedlings so small.  Best grown to flower in spring of 2015 I think. ,traditionally wallflowers are sown in spring to flower next spring


mine didnt flower untilvery late this year due to the weather.. so never got any seeds in time to sow.. so having to by this year.. not done that for long time..

i looked around at teh bare rooted one.. and it was 10 plants for £3.00 seems alot to me ... is that aobut right?

hollie hock

Did pick up some bare root ones here few weeks ago, think I got about 10 largish ones and a few stragglers for about £2.00. I usually have some wallflowers on the go throughtout the year as they are so easy to grow. Think there's some siberian ones followering now been cutting off the flowers and the seeds in the hope they give me some flowers in the spring.

Got a few little seedlings growing, bit late but they might come through

Hmmm.  I grow mine on in veg patch where they do add a lot of growth in short time.  They then are moved into the garden at any  time over the next few weeks with good chunk of soil so they  do not know they have been moved.

Because mine get quite large they are not then planted in groups...they hold their own as specimen plants....prob 2 to 3 feet high  and across.  So in that sense they are good value.  I paid about £3 for 10 too.  However. I have also bought some as named colours and these are planted in groups of 3......have orange, yellow and make a real impact.  All are pinched out to prevent flowering and to increase bushyness.  



I had seed given me this year so had a go.

Was surprised how easy they were. Have now some waiting to be planted out - sowed them in early summer. The best thing is that now I have some of the same colour and not a mixed bunch (red)

hollie hock

They are great to grow Matty, one of the first plants I grew from seed. If you keep pinching them out as they grow,they can get really bushy

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