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Hi all, planted wallflower plants about a month ago, because of weather have one or two flowers showing, will they be ok in spring.


I'd be tempted to pinch them out - don't know what others think?


Depends on how big they are. if small pinch, so they make a good size plant before flowering, but if they are already multibranched and say more than 6 inch tall  I'd let them flower.

Hiya John, personally I think id do the same as Dove, because they may use up some energy now and therefore not have enough for next year.

I have stocks wanting to flower....I simply pinch out, not just the flower buds but the top growth.  I want all my flowers in late winter and early spring not now.    With wallflowers I pinch out early and now. Makes for more flowerimg stems on a bushier sturdier plant.


Thanks all for replies, I will have a look at them in the morning.

hollie hock

I grow a lot wallflowers from seed and have found that they can flower through out the year.

It seems to me that after the flowers then comes the seed and the plant has done it's thing.  I would cut the the blooms off and any pinching off of the side shoots will make for a bushier plant

I have some named  colours of wallflowers, as well as the mixed ones.  I plant these out in threes to make a really good impact.  In early spring they have united to form, seemingly, one plant about 4' or more across.  All pinched out, of course. 

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