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Pennine Petal
I grow mine in pots as I like to have them near the back door for the lovely scent. I particularly like the dark red and the dark orange. Lovely photos. I used to buy bare root but I went for some trays of reasonably sized plants this year, rather than the tiny ones. Hoping to put them in tomorrow.

That's good news about pot growing them. Wonder how they'd look with tulips?

At the mo mine are growing at the edge of the veg plot as needed to get the plants in somewhere until I decided on their permanent home. Cheated & bought from market this time.

My perennial one is still flowering like mad. Shall hope to get some cuttings taken next year. J.


Guys i was given a packet of seeds which are wallflowers but with no instructions I am unsure when to sow them. Can anyone help?

forest_gardener wrote (see)

Guys i was given a packet of seeds which are wallflowers but with no instructions I am unsure when to sow them. Can anyone help?

Too late for sowing now-sow around next March/April time to raise plants for planting out next Autumn to flower in 18 months time or so

Something to look forward to

Pennine Petal
Jo, I think they would look lovely with tulips, but then again a pot full of tulips on their own looks great too. Do you ever get over to Harlow Carr, their tulips are stunning. We often go over to Llandudno and they sometimes have beds full of wallflowers along the promenade, beautiful.

FG, sow seeds in early summer. What a wonderful place to live, used to go to Forest of Dean for family picnics as a child.


Greenjude thanks for the tips. I have to say last years Wallflowers are looking great at the moment, so leafy and healthy. I'm so glad I did'nt chuck them all when they were finished.

Up here in chilly Scotland I treat wallflowers as biennials and grow them from bought seed every option and pretty foolproof, they're SO easy ( I don't have a greenhouse, you don't need one ).  A couple of quid, if that, almost 100% germination, just let them get big enough and then pot on and leave them till the autumn to plant out into their final flowering position.  I always have them under the sitting room window with Spanish ( sorry! ) Bluebells and the old fashioned garden tulips ( mostly red and yellow )  and they're marvellous.  They also look wonderful with forget-me- not.  Just plant the wallflowers and chuck in a packet of seed!  I never even try to keep them from year to year, it would be unfeasible up here.  Once they've finished flowering out they come and go straight into the compost bin, to be replaced, once the ground has been fed,  in October by the new ones that have been grown from seed.

Try 'Painted Lady' which is commonly available and is a reliable variety in a host of lovely colours.

I purchases wallflower from Walmart this year.  There was no name on the label. I believe it is like the dwarf lemon .  It's stems maybe 1  1/2" tall.  Thepretty a real pretty yellow.  Am I correct in believing this is the name?  Please tell me how to scare for it. 


That sounds very small for the sort of wallflowers referred to on this thread - is yours one of the Alpine erysimums?


I have just removed my wallflowers from pots and they are now in water.I bought them in small containers.  I would like to collect the seeds for planting in October 2017. Where do I find the seeds? I live in Derbyshire. Thank you for any replies that I get.

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