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Hi folks,  I have grown a number of wallflowers from seed this year.  I know they normally get planted out in the Autumn but I would quite like to plant them out now, otherwise I will have to repot.  Is this OK or should I wait. 

I was going to plant mine out now for the same reasons! The ground is so hard that I decided to wait, so potted on this aft.


That's the problem with planting now but if you have nice soil and don't let them dry out, they'll be fine.

like Outdoor girl, I wouldn't put them in my soil now


My soil is fine not hard at all it was just the timing that I was worried about.  I might just give it a go and make sure they are well watered.


They'll be fine, better really. Everything is better with its roots in the soil rather than a pot.

Except rhodos in chalk




I've got some wallflowers that I've been waiting to drop seed. I've waited,and waited,and waited...only now are some nearing ripening.The pods are turning yellowy orange but I fear its too late to start any from seed now?


Sorry Fishy, mine came from a packet so I dont know but someone will let you know Im sure.


Even if I wanted to I couldn't as their final positions are currently filled with Dahlia's! 

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