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i have four boxes of Wallflowers to stand on a wall when the bulb pots have gone over they have been nipped out but I wonder if I should do it again now or later


You growing them for next year little-Ann?  

They look good right now.  Pot them individually now.  When growing well....prob couple or three weeks.....nip out tops.  I pinch out 3 or 4 times.  Best then planted out in rows 30 cm apart and then transplanted to their final positions in September

My wallflowers on average are 60 cm plus and are excellent specimen 

Related question- I sowed some white wallflowers last summer and pinched and planted them out in autumn. I would say they are about 15cm tall now. They haven't really grown since, will they start to grow and then flower when the weather warms up? If they aren't going to flower this year I must have done something wrong. I didn't feed them as read that you aren't supposed to. They are still sort of one stem but bushy.

They will add growth soon.....mine now...and flower

think best if sown in spring to flower following spring

a few weeks spaced in my veg patch (rich soil) during late summer produces large plants.

Although  not a cold winter really, my wallflowers are later than usual. some are flowering and the rest ready to.  Have a row of one colour edging veg patch ......occupying runner bean trench .  Had yellow wallflowers and white daffs there last spring.


Thanks very much for the advice I will give them a chance then. Hopefully they will flower April-May as apart from 3 large peonies and some tulips I don't have much colour in that period. Sounds like I need to sow next year's soon! I'll do so in the greenhouse, perhaps in the next couple of weeks.

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