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My husband has started collecting cactus and is unsure when to stop and start watering over the autumn/winter period.  He thinks they shouldnt be watered between october and march.  Can anyone clarify this point please.


Many thanks.


That's about right Sue, mine sit in a cold porch from Oct-March with no water.


Mine are also in a cold porch,but I water mine sparingly about once a month throughout winter,I,ve had some of them over 40 years,so what I do must suit them

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the death for a cactus is to over feed it and over water it and to neglect to water it at all.they draughts and airless rooms but like warm not put between the curtains in winter.

Hi Sue,i think it was brum quite a while ago whose uncle grows cacti, told me the secret of it is drainage has to be really really good , well water once a week so the cacti takes what it needs and lets the rest drain away from the roots, again iv fed on Nettle tea and my fire barrel has doubled in size this year,next year as it getting quite large now im going for comfry tea for more potash hoping it will turn red and flower maybe ? anyway its in great condition ,October i start to water only once a month and do as everybody else says good luck

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