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Hi all

We recently moved from the UK to Dubai and have just bought a couple of gardenias for our balcony. They're in tall pots with plenty of soil, but we can't guage how often we need to water them. They're in shade for most of the day but get a few hours of direct sun before sunset, and it's now starting to cool down here, so around the high 20s celcius, plus the humidity has really reduced.

Should we be watering them daily or every other day here given the warmer climate?



I would say just to keep the soil evenly most but not waterlogged. A soil Moisture metre can be quite useful, quite cheap to buy online

Thanks Matt. I guess it'll take us a while to work out how much it drinks in this heat as well.


Do you need to leave the moisture metres in for it to work or could we get one and use that for a few plants? Don't suppose you can recommend a decent cheap one online can you? We've got a couple of rellies out next week and I can order one to them to bring out....!

Ive recently purchased a gardenia (it was labelled an indoor plant at Bunnings), but apparently its meant to be grown outdoors?..We live in the country, but its getting quite chilly now. Ive been watering her daily, approx 1 litre (as advised by a relative). However, ive noticed its bottom leaves have turned yellow. Am i killing my plant off? She's in a large pot. How often should i be watering her, and how much?

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