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07/03/2014 at 13:49


i have some propogators and sets of 40 cell trays to sit within them. if watering from the bottom, do i just put an inch or so of water inside the propogator tray, with the cell tray then plunged into it? the cells are about 1-1.5 inch deep.


07/03/2014 at 15:13

You need to put enough water in to get the top of the compost damp, it will go darker. So you might put small amounts of water in, let it soak up and see if you need to add any more. If you put too much water in you'll have to tip it out.

07/03/2014 at 21:22

Might I suggest the following.  Once you have filled your pots, trays or cells with seed sowing compost, leaving some space below the top.  Water either overhead or by soaking.  Let the tray etc drain.  So the seed, then a light covering of soil or vermiculate.  Once done.  Use a very fine rose watering can and give a light overhead watering.  In most cases, unless the surround air space is hot.  Your next act will be, to fine spray the tiny seedlings.  To be on the safeside. I often have a sprayer to hand.  If this is kept full of water, it will attain a suitable temperature.  Pump up the sprayer, set the nozzle to a very fine spray, and away you go.


Without offending anyone.  The practice of basically submerging pots and contents, so that the water level comes level with the soil.  This is arecommended method of dealing with mature plants.  To apply this method to freshly sown seeds.  One.  The action of the water 'waving' across the soil surface, is likely to dislodge the tiny roots, whereby, you will have a tiny clump of seedling at the edge of the pot, or cell.  Also the action of the water draining downwards will obviously suk the seeds down lower. In the case of suface sown seeds.  You can kiss them goodbye.

A further tip.  I know that I have advised in the past, to stagger seed sowing, giving you a bit of breathing space, when it comes to pricking out.  However.  If you have loads of seeds to sow.  Why not try this out.  Soil up your pots, trays cells etc.  Water them all together.  Leave to drain.  Then  you have a clear run.  Within a very short space of time.  All seeds will be sown.

I do hope this post hasn't offended anyone.   Mike...means well

07/03/2014 at 21:27

I wouldn't put water in the propagator tray. I water by seeds by dunking in water but drain them off afterwards. Just shallow water, not enough to saturate

08/03/2014 at 11:09

I agree with nut. I don't do that in practice though, I have a mister on my hose that I use for the first watering then I find the 'rain' setting on the hose is fine. What you want to avoid is adding so much water that it disturbs the seeds. How you achieve that is up to you but don't let the tray sit in water for more than a minute or two and drain it afterwards. By the way, it will drain more if you tip the tray to 45 degrees.

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