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Hi there,

I am a very new gardener and am getting to grips with what is a weed and otherwise but this one has me stumped, could anyone shed any light on what it might be? I was convinced it was a forget me not or a penstemon until one popped up in my veggie bed!

Thanks for any help

ps hope the photo link works

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I thought that this was a weed??

Any idea which weed?

I can't tell you the name, but it is definitely a weed.    if I was you I would pull it up and get rid of it before it flowers and showers your garden with seeds.    When it comes to weeds, the old saying about a stitch in time is very true!

I let one grow and it had tiny blue flowers on it, but very very shallow rooted so thought it might be a pest! I'll get back out there tonight and pull them up
Any thoughts on its name would be very appreciated


Gary Hobson

It's very unlikely to flower and seed before tomorrow.

You might as well wait until someone has a positive identification.

I can't recall seeing any weeds like that, with blue flowers, in my garden.


 Possibly alkanet?


Ah, if shallow rooted probably not alkanet...they have very deep taproots. But have a look anyway.

Hhhhmmmm, not convinced, defo not the same as trubills, will keep looking I think
Has anyone heard of willow herb but with blue flowers??

Hi Debanslow, I'm probably stating the obvious here, but just because something's considered to be a 'weed' doesn't necessarily mean you don't want it in your garden. For me, it all depends on whether I like it or not, and how easy it is to control. It is possible to let something flower without allowing it to set seed, if you're on the ball 

I've pulled up various 'weeds' which I've later discovered were rather beautiful. Wait 'til it flowers, see if you like it, and if you don't, then you can pull it up.


I'm still waiting for the little monsters to flower so I can decide what to do with them! I have a terrible feeling I am going to be a very impatient gardener, oh well. Thanks for all the advice

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