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four lobed purple flowers 4 cm wide on 12" inch feary stems with leaves that look like nettle leaves growing in 1-2 foot clumps

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Can somone tell me if this is a wild plant or a weed.ive found two small clumps growing near an old caretaker's bungalow on the boundary fence of a school.i wasn't sure they had been planted years ago when the bungalow was in use or are they just "WEEDS" I would like to addone two my woodland garden area but I am concerned they are a weed Any help identifying them would be much appreciated. ...

If they're only small clumps now they're not that invasive so if you like them grow them.

When you say 4 lobed, do you mean 4 petals?


Yes four trying to upload photos of my phone but cant find the icon to let me.

They are small delicate purple flowers like violas on a 12" fury stem there is only a few clumps so like you say they should be fine if they are only in small clumps next to the fence..

Could be but delicate isn't the first word that springs to mind on L orvala.

Leaves like nettles are right though



Ah, cross-posted - hadn't seen the delicate and viola-like  


Are they dead nettles perhaps?


I'm trying to think what purple and out now and has leaves like nettles and flowers like violas

Out now I have the lamium Dove mentioned and the red deadnettle. Lathyrus vernus.


Honesty, the leaves are a bit nettle shaped

If it's honesty don't try and move it. It's biennial, wait for the seed and scatter it in your garden


Does it look something like this?



My Hesperis Matronalis is almost out, and I saw some out in a sheltered garden today - that might fit the bill 


If we're boasting I had H. matrionalis on the New year's day flower count


We're pretty good aren't we Mike. Silver Surfer posts here occasionally

I like a bit of detective work. It keeps me out of mischief in the evening. I don't get much enjoyment from TV watching so I don't watch. 

But I don't sit waiting, I wouldn't have the patience. I just wander through from time to time.

THANKYOU to all for your help.I am 99% sure nutculet has found the plant.
The plant is called "Honesty".

I have already planted one in my garden but by looking at the plant profile on plant finder I think I have made an error by not waiting for the plant to seed then use them next year...
Suppose I will learn the difference beetween plants you can just plant and move to another place..and then the plants that you have to wait for seeds to develop the more experienced I get..
Thanks to all the members that helped find my plant ID.

 Here's my Honesty patch today.  They're 4 foot high.

They are the ones.i think they are a lovely delicate woodland style plant. Would I plant seeds now for next year or wait till later in the year before planting seeds.As by the way it sounds by members is that I have missed the chance to have them this year due to trying to move a grown plant instead of using seeds




Your moved plant may survive perfectly well and seed in your garden. Look after it


Interesting that this lovely plant, that we call 'Honesty', is called something very different in the Netherlands where it is known as 'Judas's pennies' - not an exact translation but close enough.  Guess the seed pods look like the 'pieces of silver' that Judas was given. 


Some people also call it the money plant.

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