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I dug this up then thought i better check it is a weed.


please advise.




The photo just enlarges to a big blur. Probably Herb Robert, a weed, but could be some other Geranium.

Busy Bee2

Looks like a geranium we have.  They do spread about a lot and whether or not they are weeds depends on whether or not you want them.


As landgirl suggested a geranium which is a pretty weed -  easy to pull up when you don't want it but can be pretty and prevent other more problematic weeds growing in a vacant space when you do!


just planted it better - hopefully it will bounce back. i like it so will keep it.

does anyone know why its other name is Death-comes-quickly?


It used to be carried as a good luck charm - possibly it would be considered good luck to have a quick death rather than a long-drawn-out one which years ago would inevitably have been painful and unpleasant. 

To quote a well known gardener celebrity - "A weed is just a plant in the wrong place"


herb robert stems are very red at the base and juicy. is it like that?

 it's an annual and has less root in proportion to stem than most of the perennials.

Will your camera do  higher resolution pics Michuk?

Busy Bee2

I have one which has got far too big and needs dividing, which I will do later this year - after it has flowered.  However, it forms a lovely cushion of pink and it very pretty while it lasts.


Also Herb Robert smells pungent. Yuk.

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