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Can any one please help identify these seedlings that are appearing in one of my borders.

The border  has a standard salix , several bronze grasses and a fuschia and at the back is a trellis with a vigorous passionflower.

These "seedlings" are appearing in the shade right at the back of the border under the  aforementioned passionflower. The only other plants nearby are astrantia and delphinium.


It's a bit small but it came from google images for passion flower seedlings


Is that a tiny flower I can see in the 1st pic?  If so, almost certainly a weed although I can't definitely ID it - possibly one of the nightshades.

Thanks...I looked on Google ( didn't think of that before... Duh !!) They are just like mine.

I expected PF seedlings to have leaves like the parent plant !

Panic over now I know I'm not going to be overrun with a nasty creeping weed!!

Thanks again


Does every photo we put on this site appear in google images straight away its exactly the same picture the poster put on here. 



It's not exactly the same, the over all shape of the plant is different. If you alternate click on the original photo and 'find this image in google' it doesn't find it. It's not there.

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