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Bekki Brown

Hi. I have found a plant growing in my front garden and I have no idea as to what it is. I stands about 8 inches tall (at the moment), has no leaves and has a velvety stem. The flowers are singular and almost hyasynth in shape and size.

 It is grownig from a bulb/corn, but I did not plant it. Does anyone know what this is please?

Jean Genie

Looks like the flower spike from a partrige - breasted aloe. I 've got two growing in the conservatory . They flowered in April but they were orangey - red . Did you notice any colour ?  Don't know much about them as mine were given to me as gifts so unsure .


I was going to say Broomrape as well.

Bekki Brown

Thanks for the replies. What do I do with it? Do I get rid or keep it then?



My goodness, keep it.  Iys host plant may be some metres away.  The "bulb" you found is a pseudo root.  Broomrapes do not have any green parts or true roots but have lovely, orchid like flowers, a stem and seeds.  Look out for clover, or perhaps ivy nearby and do your research to find out which broomrape it is.  There are many pictures on the net.  Orobanches are fascinating and take years to grow so you are very lucky.  Just put a few stones round it to stop anyone stepping on it or pulling it up and you should have a colony which will make you gaso with their beauty late spring and summer.


Just to whet your appetite, here is a toothwort (Lathraea squamarie) growing in the Bristol Botanic Garden in a corner not easily seen by visitors.  This was taken 29.03.12.  The seed was collected and sown in four sites more visible under suitable host plants (acers ans hazels).  You can bet I will be ;ooling forward to scrutinising those sites every spring for signs of success.


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