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Victoria Sponge

I've had a few deformed snapdragons this year but I think this is quite a weirdo:



They are weird. It's only the flowers bases that give it away


I wonder if they are the result of cross-pollination between normal ones and one of those fancy 'designer' antirrhinums that are about these days?  I must say I much prefer 'proper' snapdragons!  

Victoria Sponge

I grew it from seed and unless I mixed them up it's supposed to be a snap mouthed 'day and night' one.

It looks like it wants to be an open mouth though 


a lot of the modern varieties of snapdragons look deformed to me. I love the originals


Victoria Sponge
Edd wrote (see)

I am not sure as i have never seen it myself but this could be a (viral-like) disease carried by the leafhopper called Aster Yellow. It deforms the flower.

That's interesting Edd, I've just been reading up about it. I have seen a fair few leafhoppers. If it's a disease I suppose the rest of the flowers will open like that and then I'll know? I'll see what happens. 

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