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Thank you , Cassie, but isn't it lovely to be neighbours on the GW site!  As for being knowledgeable that's where my longevity comes in and having willing teachers.

Hello, can anyone tell me when is it ok to remove what look like young plantlets on my Guzmania. Thankyou


When they are a few inches tall, Sillybug, and the mother plant has died back.  The mother plant will be discarded so you should pot u her offspring individually  they are a bit floppy so will need some support and repotted as they get bigger.

Thank you happymarion I will do that. Your help very much appreicated. 

 Hello everyone - i'm new to this. You could all move in next door, please - if only to stop me from making silly mistakes. I have just planted a great many seeds in (am I allowed to say?) A well known feeding/ water retaining compost, and the man at the garden centre tells me I should have used a special seed compost - is it possible to rescue  them, and replant? Or do I mark it down to experience and start again? Any advice greatfully accepted.


Emma Crawforth

Hello mophead,

The reason why seed composts are different is that they have fewer nutrients in them. They also tend to be quite fine. Compost containing strong nutrients can damage seeds. Also plants don't need feeding until they are bigger. Now you've started the process you should probably stick with it as they might have started to germinate. I expect you'll get better results than you imagined anyway!

Emma team.

Could someone tell me what the chilli pepper symbol means on the forum index????

I am trying to isolate a supplier of purslane, for medicinal use. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?


I also wish you would all move onto my street to save me from making silly mistakes

I bought seed compost though for my seeds so not that bad Mophead!! I bought water retaining gel and forgot to put it in my pots - how mad is that!

Anyway please can someone tell me whet the different numbers are on john winnes compost -are they for specific things?

Thankyou, and feel free to move in down the road whenever........two houses going at the mo!!!

hello, a new friend come to meet happy

can someone tell me the name of these plants?

Or they are simply just weeds?

Plant A:


Plant B:

Many thanks.


I'm not sure about plant A so will leave that for others but plant B looks like pachysandra which is used as ground cover to suppress weeds.  It can be boring in large swathes but you can plant bulbs under it for added early spring interest and taller perennials or shrubs or summer flowering bulbs such as alliums and crocosmia through it for later spring and summer interest. 


first one looks like a Hellebore, possibly of the 'Wester Flisk' group.


I would also say hellebore for the first one but don't know the second one.

If the first one is a hellebore then it is not a weed and has a beautiful plethora of pinkish mauve flowers in February - March. (They also come with white blooms but I only have the mauve) The blooms tend to hang their heads but they really are lovely (in my opinion anyway)


many thanks everyone


I think picture 1 is a helleborus foetidus.  It has beautiful green flowers with a red edge in late winter.early spring.

Hi is it true, you can upload an avatar from your pc, if so how do I do it


Alina W

Hi Joan,

Press "settings" (near the top left of the page). You will be taken to a page with your name at the top next to the "head and shoulders" icon which is your current avatar, and "edit" on its bottom left.

Click edit, then browse your computer to find the avatar that you want.

Click on it and it will appear on the page in the avatar slot; save and you're done.

what is the best way to tidy up a yucca plant why does it flower late octtober november