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Can anyone tell me where I can buy a Dierama Pulchrrimum commonly known as Fairies Wand or Angels Fishing Rod? I want to buy the plant not the seeds or qorms.


Woottens are excellent for perennials. I have Dierama Guinevere a beautiful white variety that I purchased locally.......we have numerous quality nurseries........but merlin is another beauty. Mine is planted at edge of small pool and the reflection in the water is amazing. A grass like perennial with gorgeous flowers.

Hi, Can anyone tell me what the plant is that's shown in the latest Newsletter under the heading  "Looking for Planting Idea's" View our plant profiles.

 I love the vibrant colours, the pink petals and the black centre berries.  I'd love to grown what ever it is. Thanks, Cyndy


That's Clerodendron trichotomum



seeds and calyces rather than flowers


Zoomer44:  I think your mystery plant may be one which used to be called Fatshedera Lizei which is a cross between ivy (hedera) and Fatsia Japonica.

gardeninggenes. My plant has more fingers on it's leaves - at least nine. The flower heads are the same though, it's started to produce flower heads which usually bloom end of November, beginning of December. It's hardy and doesn't need fleecing.   

I thought it was a Fatsia Japonica but don't they flower in October and are only half hardy, not liking temps below 0, here in the NW this plant has gone through several Winters when we've had snow. I just knock the snow off the leaves and it comes up smiling in the spring. It does well in full sun too. It does get yellowing leaves usually in the spring when producing new leaves but there are some now when it's flowering.    


Could someone advise what is the best time of year to divide an Aspidistra elatior. The one I have hasn't been repotted for about 6 years, it has about 20 leaves and I would like to divide it into 3 plants. - Thank you


I've always found it best to divide most houseplants in the early spring, taking advantage of the beginning of the new growing season so they can grow away and put on plenty of new growth. 


Why does my indoor plant chinese jasmine only flower if I put it outside in the summer?

If it is left by the sunny window it doesn't flower, yet outside it does - also is it too fragile to be left out in winter as mine is getting big, and seems to dry out quickly.

I have repotted it and it looks green and lively at the moment. 

I think this plant is a Yucca Gloriosa (?). It normally buds in September and flowers fully in November (approx 6 weeks) but this year one spike flowered normally but then two more spikes grew to full height with all their buds on but it still hasn't flowered and the weather is above to nosedive.  These are well established plants and look quite tough as they have a thick fibrous covering, even on the buds.  Do you think they will still flower soon, wait until the Spring or die in the bad weather please





Ann - if you could post this query on the Plants section - scroll up to the top of the page, you'll see a heading Forum topics, click on that and you'll see various threads - you'll find a button to let you post a query - then someone who knows about Yuccas may see it.

Good luck 

I thought I had listed in that section.   Howsever, I will try again. Thanks


Have just been up the garden to have a look at my little Dickinsonia tree ferns which i covered with propogator lids during the latest cold spell they are doing great they are surrounded by straw,which keeps the base of the tree fern protected from the wet and frost.

Thanks Rissa.  My Yucca seems pretty indestructible as it has been in the garden for years now.  The buds are just beginning to open as we have had some sunshine lately, albeit 3 months late!

I just can't stop thinking about these plants. Whenever I'm not out in our garden, I'm usually surfing the Internet to find more info about plants. Once I'm in front of my laptop, I just can't help but to do a quick search through ( and look at all the beautiful pictures of plants.


I have a wishing well in my garden which look amazing.


That looks classy stupidoldgit
I like it a lot!