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Still cannot believe how mild it has stayed this Winter..

All these were taken this evening. I cant believe the Oriental Poppy is trying to flower!

Those Cyclamen have been flowering non stop for 5 months









Suits me, I don't like all that white stuff.

We've only had 2 proper frosts where it says frozen all day in the shade. 

Except for the wet and windy time I've been able to  play outside most days


To me, it seems the same as the last couple of years, colder weather coming later, just in time for lambing,

noticed that even though the leaves have been shed, some of the plants are still holding onto a few and some of the bushes have the start of leave buds, though I do thing the snow will be on its way, I really don't like the snow never mind it wont be here for long.


Time for some winter sowing I think as all the seeds I sowed in November are well on their way!

I worry what a frost will do to these young plants though as they are too advanced for the time of year really.


star gaze lily

It may be mild but i'm soooo fed up with this rain. We've had flooding here again today and its still raining. My poor garden is under water, I really hope my plants survive.


I must look through my seeds. I did the early sow but I haven't looked at the january sow yet. It will be February soon.

I bring the seedlings into the cold greenhouse when they germinate higgy. I've never lost them yet. Sometimes my sow in autumn, germinate in spring gets out of sync and I have babies to see through winter

sending my condolences to your plants Star, I'm pretty sure I've lost all my penstemons and gladioli. 

However, I do have a hebe still in flower and a gypsophila raised from seed last year 

Woodgreen wonderboy

Please don't be encouraged to sow seeds too early, because of current mild spell. You will probably get lots of failures, and if they do do well it may not be possible to plant them out and they will be weak and straggly. Keep to your normal timings.

star gaze lily

Hope they are wrong, but I've been told snow is coming in a couple of weeks 


if they say snow is coming that means it isnt :P

Agree very mild so far , hardly any frosts , unlike the last couple of years

I like a bit of snow and frost , kills the bugs !

Still got a rose bush flowering , amazing 

Going to spend the weekend playing on the Allotment as weather forecast hear is good



WW my sort of seed is fine to sow now. All those hardy plants need a chill to break the dormancy. I wonder if they'll get a good chill this year.

I don't think what we've got now is that unusual. Warm, wet, westerly winds in winter. That's what we get

flowering rose

my garden is sodden, a lot of the plants are swimming and the spring bulbs rotted ,my wallflowers are blooming but that will leave march rather bare if it should stop raining .mild it might be and I don't like snow but you can have to much of a good thing and I wonder what damage this winter will do.? when you think what a good year last year was. The Bridgwater  flats are a wash and people are marooned and we cant walk our favourite places so roll on  spring, and let it all dry out(a bit).

star gaze lily

I agree floweringrose my poor plants don't look good at all. And yes please roll on the spring.



Lucky enough for me my garden drains extremely well. The benefits of living on the side of a valley I guess.

I am very sorry for those with flooded/water logged gardens

We have stream at the side of our Garden , however , so far it had not flooded in living  memory , so fingers crossed . Great if we have a very dry spring/summer , I fill my watering can up from the stream 


Rose sorry to hear about state of things.

I'm concerned that I bubble wrapped my pots and it's been so mild that plants are now thinking it's Spring, especially with warm feet!  Wonder how they will react if we do get a bitterly cold snap.

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