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Heather Michaels

Good morning everyone,

I found this gorgeous guy growing in my garden a couple of weeks ago. Whether its a present from the birds this year or whether it didn't come up last year due to the awful weather I don't know, but I love it.

No idea what it is though. Help please. Thank you.


 Sorry the pics are a bit dark but hopefully you can ID from these. The flowers have since opened into what I think you'd call bell shaped.


I do believe it is aquilegia  Don't know what variety though 


They self seed so once you've got one, you are bound to have more - quite often in a different colour.

Heather Michaels

That was quick 4thPanda! Thank you. I'll have a scout on the internet and see if I can find out which variety. I don't know anything about aquilegia's at all so I'll need to find out how to care for it. The infernal wind is doing its best to kill it off as we speak. Grrrr! 

Heather Michaels

Thanks Daintiness, I was wondering if it was self seeder or not. I'm really pleased that it is, it would be lovely to have a lot more. 


Definitely aqualegia. They are very promiscuous so you will find they self seed easily. Very easy to keep, very little care required. I have several colours, yellow,  pink, blue, purple.  Couldn't tell you what varieties though. I know I have Nora Barlow. 

Chrissy the gardener

yes definitely Aqualegia, as far as I know they do not come true to the seed of the parent plant so I cant see you will be able to find a particular variety. Just enjoy maybe next year you will get a whole lot more.

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