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Wondering what annuals I can plant in small(ish) terracotta pots for summer colour, ones that are good for bees too?


Cosmos, marigolds, nastursums. Go for open flowers not doubles or pom poms to attract bes.

Ryan that's a great thread!
I'm more of a perennials man but cosmos, cornflowers, and marigolds. Blue cornflowers and orange marigolds...what a sumptuous combination!


Thanks guys for all your help! Must get some seeds a.s.a.p.

How do I sow them though? As I shall probably buy them online and they usually come without instructions?

Ryan, all seed packets carry instructions
What have you decided on?
Stores like poundland and Lidl sell packets of seeds cheaply as well as dahlias, lilies, etc.
Did you say you have a greenhouse?

Hi Verdun, I've decided on cosmos, marigolds and a wildflower mixed packet. Oh, wasn't aware Lidl's sold them and thought poundland's seed couldn't be any good because of their price, are they good quality still then? Adnd yes, I have an unheated 6x6 glass greenhouse, 2x 4 tier unheated growhouses and an unheated coldframe and a conservatory taken over by plants

Ryan, Yes poundlands seeds are fine.
If you like scent think about heliotrope. The scent is WONDERFUL. I grew few last year to plant in pots near door, paths etc. they smell of cherry pie....that's their nickname too. They have purple flowers all summer. I grew them with a yellow annual called Bidens and they looked great together
I sow seeds indoors in the kitchen, then pot into small pots in the conservatory and then bigger pots in greenhouse. Then in mid spring they go outside
You have plenty for loads of annuals there I think
Jean Genie

Ryan, I've bought lots of seeds from £ land over the years. Nought wrong with them.  Best bargain ever was a couple of years ago - a packet of nasturstiums with 6 different varieties in them.

The only problem being I've got them forever now  No matter how many seed pods I collect. I get more and more each year. Good job I like them.

Aldi's good for seeds as well - got some Nigella for 89p

Thanks Guys, I went to my local GC (just got back) and I took you advice Verdun and bought:

1 x Red Phormium 'Cherry Sensation', 1 x Convolvulus Cneorum, 3 x Red Geraniums (didn't have Pelargoniums) and single marigold seeds.

I will buy some Concolvulus Mauritanicus seeds online, as they didn't have a plant in the shop.

I'm also going to poundland tomorrow, so I'm expecting to buy a lot of cheap seeds and bareroot plants

Ryan, check out perhill plants online. You would get convolvulous mauritanicus plants cheaply. You only need 2 or 3 plants?? Save time sowing seeds and nearly as cheap.
Protect convolvulous cneorum from frosts for a while.
Keen then Ryan?

This is a great thread Ryan...lovely combinations. Like you I am going to have pots of colour/nectar in the garden this year and I've got tons of seedlings ready. Just need to get them big enough to plant up in late May/early June

some pots will (in theory) be cool colours...a mixture of the following...not all in one pot but maybe a group of pots together...

schizanthus which has lovely foliage (poor man's orchid) and tiny sweet flowers.

Didiscus again, lovely foliage as well as umbells of pretty blue flowers


Nemesia fragrant lady pretty and they smell divine


and gazania kiss rose soooo purty....


I have a few large pots for the hot colours.

Tagetes 'Paprika' T&M are selling this seed for 99p in the GCs, very easy from seed and they flower non-stop all summer until the first frosts


Nasturtium crimson emperor

cosmos polidor...this one doesn't get too big


and I will have one very large pot with mexican sunflowers in it, bees adore these but they can take over in my small garden so they stay in pots...I usually grow 'torch' but this year I'm going to try 'fiesta del sol'














sorry...not all the links work but you get the idea


Thanks guys,

Verdun, I've now only gone and bought 3 convolvulus mauritanicus from per hills! That's the third lot of plants I've ordered online in 4days! Haha :P Oh really, luckily I have lots of fleece so protecting it won't be a problem And yes, I'm VERY keen...How did you guess?

Cherrypeabrain, thankyou for the compliment and definitely the post too. After I've finished setting up the pots Verdun suggested, I may have to treat myself to a few more and steal your planting ideas too. You guys encouraging me and giving me ideas is gonna make me bankrupt! :P Bet your pots look fab, so can't wait to do it for myself
Ryan, your enthusiasm is bubbling through the's great.
Convolvulous mauritanicus is hardy here....I have a large clump to the side garden gate.....some of my neighbours have it too now. (pinched from me but that's ok). Good drainage and sun.
Can't wait to see a photo of your plants in summer.
Thanks Verdun, I'm so enthusiastic about gardening, that when I finish school in may, I'm going to apply for a job at my local garden centre, because that would be my dream job, just hope I get one
And that's great, if that needed protecting aswell I would probably forget, my memory can only hold one thing at a time :P
And I will definitely be posting pics of them, and will make sure I get the best out of do that, shall I feed them?
Hello Ryan, no dont feed convolvulous grown hard. Perhaps the occasional seaweed spray or phostrogen feed. I am a great believer in seaweed....I think it's a tonic to any plant and I think it helps keep slugs away
If you show that enthusiasm we all see here at your job Interview you will get the position.
Say that you are keen to learn as much as possible and that you would like an apprenticeship ( if that's what you do want)
After a year or so you can advise us what to do

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