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Heather Michaels

Hello everyone, I'm looking for some help please.

Can anyone ID these?

I noticed these infiltrators in my garden a couple of weeks ago, unfortunately I've been so busy with other areas that I haven't tended to it and they've got somewhat larger than they were. I'm guessing by the looks of them that they aren't friendly.

I've attached a set of pictures, I hope they are clear enough and give you enough to ID. Essentially, I have several snake like infiltrators in my barked fernery/stumperie area. They certainly weren't there last year so I'm guessing the storms blew them in but they're growing fast. One tendril is now four foot long and has thick leaf growth (unfurled) at the tip, and has further leaf growth at four inch intervals down the length of it. Its presently winding its way through my Hydrangeas and there are several more, smaller ones growing up to join it. I'd really appreciate your help as I suspect I need to get these out quickly.








Oo er.  Looks scary.  No idea. Triffid perhaps?


I'm pretty sure that is Black Bryony, a wild plant which I also have growing in part of my garden.  It has lovely glossy heart-shaped leaves and stunning berries later in the year.  It is a member of the yam family and grows from a large underground root.  It can overwhelm shrubs and small trees if allowed to grow through them, so I give it a large cane to grow up.




My thought too Bob   One of the most beautiful sights I know is a chain of Black Bryony berries adorning the hedgerow in the autumn.  

If it can be left I would do so, but as Bob says, keep it under control. 

Heather Michaels

Thank you so much Bob and Dove, I've studied all of the images from the links here and others that I've found, and it seems I have Black Bryony! Where it came from and how it got there I can only surmise but O/H is outside right now inserting very long pole so we can wrap the tendrils around and let is grow up there. Hopefully that way it won't get too out of control. I'm really pleased, lovely red berries in Autumn. Bliss 



Birds Heather, a gift from the birds 

Heather Michaels

As is an awful lot of other stuff growing in my garden right now! 

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