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Thomas Wilkinson2

Hi all, I have seen these little blue flowers growing amongst the grass where I work. Have been wondering for a while if anyone knows what they are? and if it would be possible for me to grow some! Thanks in advance! 





Looks like speedwell,


Veronica persica aka Speedwell or Bird's Eye 



They grow very easily, I like them in my grass but some people spend a lot of time and money getting them out

Actually, this is Germander Speedwell, Veronica chamaedrys. You can see the two lines of hairs on the stem which is the distinguishing feature of this species. It is this species that is sometimes known as Birdseye Speedwell - although we all know common names can be used for more than one species!



Now I shall have to go and lie on my tummy on the back lawn and see which one we've got ............. 


I've got V chamaedrys.

I've got a huge clump of ragged robin growing in mown grass this year. One week off from mowing and it's nearly in flower. I hope OH (mower man) will agree to let it flower. He says paths are paths and need mowing. but we may come to an agreement, you can get round it


You could tell him that loads of people need the seed 


I get a lot of that in the grass. It's not too big an issue and it's very subtle on the whole. I hope to leave it in a little corner once the garden is finished so that I can have a little 'untended' area for bees. 


Interestingly our local nursery who sell many basket plants is selling this as a useful basket plant. Also they are selling the red leafed yellow flowered oxalis that I spend hours trying to get rid of in my greenhouse - are there no rules about what can be sold as a valued plant? 

Thomas Wilkinson2

thanks for all the replies folks! moving to a new house in about a month and a half, will have to see if work doesn't mind me nicking a little patch of them  I think they really make the grass more interesting, and they are so pretty too!

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