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man in a shed

Hi all , previous owners left these , I was going to throw them out as they had been left for about a year , I tidied them and put em in  pots with fresh compost and feed . want to shape the flowering plants will that be ok and when should I trim them. Thx

Kitty 2

I can only hazard a guess as the photos go fuzzy when I zoom in for a closer look.

1: Weigela Florida varigata

2: Hebe?


I think the first is one of the variegated abelias

Not everything needs a lot of trimming and pruning. I'd let those grow for a while. They're not the sort of plant that looks good pruned to a shape and you'll probably not get flowers

The second could well be a very sad hebe, the stems look right the leaves are the wrong colour. They may improve with the new compost. I wouldn't keep that one.

Kitty 2

Just had a look at the abelia nut (never seen one before) and I think you're right. Flowering time is late summer/early autumn.



We have Abelia Kaleidoscope, I think it might be that variety. If pruned they send out 3 stems from the cut, which can get very messy. If pruned at all (agree with Nut it's best avoided) you should prune each branch back to the centre of the plant. 


abelias are lovely, scented, better if not variegated. Pruned as KOG suggests they keep a good shape.

man in a shed

Thx for the info, bit harsh on the hebe nutcutlet lol ,  but googled it and even if it does grow it is pretty boring so thx it's gone

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