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The potty gardener

Can anyone tell me what these are please?

I was removing an old plant from a pot and found these. I only thought I had Daffs and Tulips in the pots but I don't think they are either of these as there are no signs of any growth.


I'd love to say I know, but I can't help I'm afraid.  Under the outer cover they do seem to have slilght ridges (see the right one - like three doughnuts on top of one another), the only thing I have in my garden like that are cocosmia tubers which sit very near the surface, maybe they are related in some way?

I do want to know now so hopefully a guru will reply to you

The potty gardener

they are lumpy all over. I have planted them up so will see what happens

Alina W

Is there any chance that they're freesias?

they do look like freesias



Not loke the freesia bulbs I have which are slim and pointed with smooth silky ousides and golden! But I do have a good bulb book so will go and do some research as I have worked too hard in the garden today.


Could they be some kind of lily as they do not seem to have any protective coat?

The potty gardener

Thank you all. I don't remember planting anything so now will wait and see if they come up where I have planted them


Here is a picture of my freesia bulbs.  They are about an inch long.  How big are the mystery bulbs?

Alina W

Freesia bulbs can be much darker, as here (freesia laxa):

kjdintown wrote (see)

... the only thing I have in my garden like that are cocosmia tubers which sit very near the surface..

yes I thought they were Crocosmia corms too.

Shrinking Violet

I wonder if they are wild arum (Lords and Ladies)?  The berries seem to be attractive to birds who drop them all over the place - especially in my garden, where I suddenly find them popping up in all sorts of odd places.

The tubers are a bit knobbly like the photo - but it's hard to be sure.  Perhaps the best thing is to isolate them and grow them in a separate pot.  They could just give you a pleasant surprise - but are easy to dispose of if not.


rosie plum

because they look like they have scales could they be lily bulbs of some kind??liatris spicata are also quite lumpy and rough....

Definitely oxalis ladies. Mine have now produced leaves! pink flowers to come..

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