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We've recently moved and the garden is quite scraggly but it has some really nice looking plants in them, but I have no idea what they are!  Please can anyone advise?










1.  The plant with yellow flowers is a hypericum (St John's Wort)

2.  Looks like an iris of some type, possibly Iris Sibirica from the seedheads I can see. 

3.  Purple leaves to the left are Cotinus (Smoke Bush.   In the middle is a rose - small rambling type - not sure what name. To the right is what looks like a mallow.

4.  Left to right: Fennel, Aquilegia, Lemon Balm

5.  Fennel


Top pic; foreground on right with blue flower, Jacob's Ladder. Large bush behind it with yellow flowers, Hypericon. On the archway, some kind of Jasmine. Last pic; Fennel.

Sorry don't know the rest, but someone will. Good luck with your new garden

The yellow flowering plant in picture 1 is hypericum. On the archway you have honeysuckle and summer flowering jasmine. Picture 2 is iris sibirica. Picture 3 is a rose of some sort, but I don't know which one, picture 4 is lemon balm, and picture 5 is fennel. Hope that helps!


To the left of the archway, the shrub with white flowers could be a Philadephus (Mock Orange).


Thanks, that helps a lot.

For some reason our dog loves to roll in the iris, which is why its a bit flattened!

Just need to get it tidied up now.


There's also some bindweed in amongst that iris - that needs getting rid of - I'd get some glyphosate-based weedkiller and paint it carefully onto the bindweed leaves and leave it there until it dies and the leaves are brown.  That way the poison will travel back to the bindweed roots and kill them too. If you pull it up before that has happened the roots will keep regrowing. 

Just keep the dog off until the weedkiller has dried.  Once it's dry it won't harm him at all. 

I did pull some of the bind weed out the other day.  I will get some weedkiller.

Thank you.

Hi lisa, you have taken on a lovely garden, im sure more beautiful plants will come up through the seasons, this lot on here will have you talking like a pro in no time

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