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I'm looking at ways to resurrect a somewhat redundant brick planter outside my office and wondered if anyone could advise on what three plants are contained within and how to get the best from them e.g. feed, trim?

I'm also colourblind and have some weird ideas of what I think goes well together, therefore can anyone suggest some perennials that would go well with these?

Thanks for taking the time to take a look






Nos 1 & 3 are probably Cordylines, only need to remove dead flower spikes


Number 3 is rather tall.  How much farther might it grow?  And should I remove all leaves with brown tips, that appear to be damaged - though it will look a little bare!


no 2 is amazing i hope i can grow a side like this. if its not weedy thou. plz update me the name of the plant once u got the name!!! many thxxxx 


The common name for 1&3 is Torbay Palms as they can become very large.  I had one thta grew to about 4 metres before the top was killed off by the snow in 2009/10.  It regrew from the base.

You will find almost impossible to remove leaves until they are completely dead.  You could just cut the brown bits off if you wanted.  The flower stalks can also be cut down once they have flowered


Could No2 be snow in summer, Cerastium tomentosum?

Thanks MuddyFork, I'll do a bit of online research to learn more.

Digger Sean, looking at images online, it does look very similar.  Thank you.

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