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Lion S

Phlox paniculata flowers (in a normal season) roughly from mid July onwards till the end of September/October. Could be starting to flower two or three weeks later as this season certainly has not been normal at all.

Sara 4

Don't mind at all if they're phlox and they are about a metre tall, so let's hope.

Other thing is definitely going to have daisy/dandelion shaped flowers, I can see the petal grouping in the bud now.  Pale colour, looks off white or pale blue at the moment!


Won't be long then. Keep us updated on both

Jim Macd

It isn't Purple Loosestrife nor is it an Eplilobioum, it looks like its in the Aster family as Nutcutlet suggests. The buds of the flowers give that away but which one I don't know.

How about Achillea The Pearl for the first one?  Although mine doesn't reach 3 ft.



Leaves don't look like any Achillea I know

Yes but Achillea ptarmica The Pearl has different leaves and it also has little clusters of creamy buds at the top of the stems.  Take a look at the Crocus site and see what you think.


I get what you mean Fairlea, but it still doesn't look quite right to me, the achillea looks more wiry and the mystery plant looks a bit more lush, but of course that may be growing conditions - we'll have to wait and see when it flowers 

Jim Macd

Definitely not Phlox. or Achillea ptarmica, I've got loads of them and it's not that. It isn't a phlox because the leaves are alternate and the flower bud is not that of a Cruciferae. I'd put money on it being an Asteracae but not Achlilea. It could actually be an Aster but looks more like a Centaurea but not one I know its too sappy. Oh forgot there were two, I'm talking about the first one but the second one is neither of the above, though without flowers it isn't easy to know where to start since so many plants have very simliar leaves as someone mentioned, cf, purple loosetrife and square stemmed willow herb, Epilobium tetragonum.

Lion S

After a second look at the photos I think the 2nd photo is Physostegia virginiana or Obedient plant. It flowers from August till November. That would also explain why the flower buds aren't showing yet.

I'm with Fairlea that this is Achillea ptarmica, though not a cultivated one. I think it's Sneezewort.


Not willowherb leaves are serrated. 

Sara 4

Just looked up both of these - I would be delighted if the second photo turned out to be obedient plant, it looks lovely - not even the hint of a bud on these yet, and all the pictures I found on the net were in flower so I can't confirm.

Picture one does look like Sneezewort (such a Harry Potter name) although the buds seem to contain more petals - more dandeliony than daisy like.  Having said that, it is not exactly sprinting past the finish line to prove what it is - there has been absolutely zero further development since I last commented on it!

Whatever they are, I hope it's worth the wait ...

Sara 4

And this week's winner is ..... Flowerchild!  Original picture 1 is sneezewort - reasonably pretty, but not for the impatient.  Picture 2 still looks exactly the same as it did - no flowers, no buds, just got a bit taller.  I shall carry on waiting and seeing.  Well done Flowerchild and thanks everyone for racking your brains.

Your Achillea/sneezewort will improve with age.  Enjoy.

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