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Jim Macd

Definitely not Phlox. or Achillea ptarmica, I've got loads of them and it's not that. It isn't a phlox because the leaves are alternate and the flower bud is not that of a Cruciferae. I'd put money on it being an Asteracae but not Achlilea. It could actually be an Aster but looks more like a Centaurea but not one I know its too sappy. Oh forgot there were two, I'm talking about the first one but the second one is neither of the above, though without flowers it isn't easy to know where to start since so many plants have very simliar leaves as someone mentioned, cf, purple loosetrife and square stemmed willow herb, Epilobium tetragonum.

Lion S

After a second look at the photos I think the 2nd photo is Physostegia virginiana or Obedient plant. It flowers from August till November. That would also explain why the flower buds aren't showing yet.

I'm with Fairlea that this is Achillea ptarmica, though not a cultivated one. I think it's Sneezewort.


Not willowherb leaves are serrated. 

Your Achillea/sneezewort will improve with age.  Enjoy.

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