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Amilee Doughty 21

Hello! I'm new here so excuse me if I've posted this all wrong!
I have a plant growing in my garden and no one knows what they are! 
I've had all sorts of answers from Morning Glory, Pansies and 4 leafed Clovers! 

 I also have another one thats just started growing so If you could help say what this one is too I'd be very grateful! 

 Thankyou! :3


The first one is Oxalis.  Plus other weeds in the picture.

There is not very much information given for the second.  Height?  Leaves?

Amilee Doughty 21

Thankyou so much!
The second one is about 1-2 ft, Both flowers are on one stem divided in 2, Yes there are leaves, Urm...Not really sure what else to say about it  


What shape are the leaves of the second on? Are they eny of those we can see in the picture?

By the way, pull those oxalis out and get every little bit of their roots.  They'll keep coming for a few years and you need to be conscientious about getting them out every time.

Amilee Doughty 21

Yes you can see the leaves, There at the bottom, With the beige/brown patches on them  

Okay I will do! 


This Oxalis (O.tetraphylla) is not so invasive, and often used as ornamental where I

live, with pink flowers in summer. It has bulbs, and need to be stored somewhere

safe if you want to keep them.

The second is maybe a semi-double Ranunculus asiaticus, a little rusty, by the

way. A beautiful flower, though as most Ranunculaceae, not blooming for the whole



Warm welcome.

I Guess it's all been said.   Whenever,you see the oxalis just,dig it out and bin it.  Dig to get all of it,out,with the soil.

Amilee Doughty 21

I'm a little confused thou, Are you telling me to pull up all the oxalis and bin them? 
One of them had just started growing 2 little pink flowers.


Oxalis spread and spread and spread and just come up everywhere - they catapult their seeds and they travel quite a way so you can never keep them where you want them - they appear in pots where you thought you were growing something else.  

You can keep them if you want to of course, but don't say we didin't warn you! 

Wessex Wellies

I grow Oxalis in pots and I love them !

I bought them as part of a bucket of bulbs from Aldi last year.

They're just coming up again now.The leaves look lovely on their own before the flowers come.

Keep them I say !

There are hundreds of species of Oxalis, some of them pests like hell.

It´s the case with a creeping oxalis (O.corniculata), which uses stolons to

spread through lawn. There´s Oxalis debilis, which stores food in bulbs (that

multiply...) and return quickly after the top is removed, and the bulb isn´t.

I have these in my garden, and it took me many years to reduce them to a few

many hundreds...

But there are many ornamental ones, like O.floribunda, O.adenophylla and

this O.tetraphylla that are far better-behaving, and can easily be kept in check.

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